Driftwood News - Review of "Go Easy"

Salt Spring Island musicians Daemon & Airdrie have signed with a California-based record label and on March 20 released a new music video. 

Entitled Go Easy, the single explores human freedom and transformation through letting go.

Daemon & Airdrie are a collaboration between Marley Daemon and Jesse Thom, who have been playing together in various bands for about 10 years. 

They recently signed on with GYPSYPOP Records and Go Easy is their third single on the label. The song’s video was filmed on Salt Spring, both in their studio and on a canoe trip on Cusheon Lake.

“Our lyrics will sort of express that imprisoned sense that a human can feel and it’ll juxtapose that with the sense of freedom that is possible when we’re able to come into our bodies and drop our thinking mind,” Thom said.

He describes the band’s sound as “ghost pop,” a mixture of familiar pop music structure with an influence in meditation and healing. 

“The space [in the music] allows ghosts to emerge in a certain kind of way,” he said. “That provides an atmosphere and opportunity for feelings to come up and to make themselves known to us . . . These are parts of ourselves that we’ve killed off at one point. These are the ghosts returning.”

-Written by Marc Kitteringham

The new Go Easy single is on Spotify


"Go Easy" by Daemon & Airdrie Feature on SHAW TV

Daemon & Airdrie did a 2 minute feature on SHAW TV in Canada. 

Daemon & Airdrie are an electronic “ghost pop” duo from BC, Canada who combine intensely emotional, interweaving vocal lines with relaxed, minimal beats and sparse instrumentation to produce soundscapes that are as haunted as they are seductive. Choosing to abandon laptop-based production, the duo create and perform their material using samplers, live instruments and an arsenal of vintage gear, analog tape effects, spring verbs and dusty old tubes. The result? A unique sound that bridges earth and wire – a place where electricity meets and dances with the naked, human body. 

Sea At Last Playing Feedbands Dashfest in Austin TX!

Sea At Last_Artist Announcement2_feedbands_dashfest_sxsw_gypsypop_records.jpg

Sea At Last is playing the Feedbands Dashfest happening in Austin, TX this March 15, 16 and 17 at the Cenote coffeehouse on 1010 E Cesar Chavez. The event is completely free and sponsored by Dash. Dash is like bitcoin but made to be used in the real world. You'll be able to get some Dash and spend it on 25 cent beer, 25 cent wine, and 25 cent tacos. You'll also be able to see 25 bands Feedbands has released on vinyl. THEY PLAY at 4:00 - 4:40 PM SATURDAY, MARCH 17th!




MadeWest - Ventura, by the Sea At Last



First Annual Gypsy Wedding Festival!

It's a music and cultural arts event-festival-wedding, based on bringing Gypsy Romani cultures together!
It's organized by Musical Connections nonprofit based out of Austin Texas, enthusiasts of Gypsy music along with musicians that are from Gypsy ethnicity, along with dance performers from all over the world and local artists that keeping the live music alive.

Festival visitors will witness unique Gypsy - Romani traditional wedding ceremonies and learn about traditional gypsy music, and dance.
Check out our workshops!

Workshop on how to make traditional gypsy food- Paprikash, 
Musicians! Play gypsy music on the small stage there will be challenge contest sign up- how much "gypsy" can you play! 
Workshop on how to gypsy dance, steps in the gypsy dance, learn about traditional gypsy wear. 
Experience the taste of authentic and local foods check out art vendors!

We invite you to be a part of our celebration and witness firsthand the joy and cultural unity behind our First Annual Gypsy Wedding Festival, the event that we believe is unique to Austin area and to a state of Texas.


The Melt is On!

“Sonic brilliance.” 

- The Huffington Post

“Sonic brilliance.”“Emotional, passionate, sensible, deep…beautifully executed.”
Louder Than War

If you’re into dreamy pop with a touch of electronica, you couldn’t do much better right now than Canadian duo Daemon & Airdrie.”
-Indie Shuffle

“Unmatched atmospheric quality…an already fully realized project that sounds years beyond the group’s genuine timeline.”
-Lords of Dogwood

“A flooring, honest and intensely emotional exploration of the complexities of intimacy.”
-Girl Underground Music

“Masterfully creative duo…a uniquely inspired soundtrack fueled by the very emotions the majority of us run away from.” 
Middle Tennessee Music

“Beautiful and atmospheric…will charm you right from the first notes.”
-Paige Backstage



Exclusive June Release: Atlas on Vinyl

Sea At Last - Atlas has officially topped the charts on Feedbands.com

If you like Hand Numbered, Hand Pressed, Limited Edition Vinyl delivered to your door - Feedbands is the only place to get independent music that is upvoted by members. "Mighty Flood" & "Light Up The Night" by Sea At Last hit #1 & #2 spots of all time of the records not pressed - so now Atlas is the Feedbands June release. 



sea at last t shirt feedbands exclusive.jpg

Melt - Daemon & Airdrie

"Melt" is the second video/single by BC "ghost pop" duo, Daemon & Airdrie.  Sexy, dusty, emotional....another catchy slow burner from the duo that gained the attention (and praise) of Huffington Post with their first single, "China Shop."

Lyrically, "Melt" explores the process of moving through a deep life transition.  Regret and despair shift to hope, renewal and awakening to real possibilities.  The video features twin contact dancers Brianna and Jaclyn Grant and was filmed on Salt Spring Island in BC.  The twin sisters begin as polar opposite characters (representing ego and spirit).  Over the course of the song they make contact, dance together and merge into a confluence of grace, surrender and trust.

Video by Glass Horse Lenswork 





Mothers Day May 14th Album Release & Show

PORTLAND!!! We're comin' for ya!


LYNX & THE SERVANTS OF SONG, SEA AT LAST & LAPA this SUNDAY (Mothers Day) in celebration of Mothers & "Northlands" album release on GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

Tickets are going real fast so get em now and come celebrate with us. http://www.dougfirlounge.com/event/1467635-lynx-servants-song-portland/

Coming On Strong - Music Video

Track: Coming On Strong
Artist: Lynx & The Servants of Song
Album: Northlands

Directed, Shot, Edited & Colored by Cohen of GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

Thank You to : Justin Phelps, The Hallowed Halls, Caitlin ‘LYNX’ DeMuth, Cheya MacKay, Nicholas ‘Nickles’ D’Onofrio, Julian Fritz, Asher Fulero, and Luna Brie Blakeman


Record Store Day 2017!! #RSD17 #Today

 photo:  vinyl eyezz

We here at GYPSYPOP RECORDS support Record Store Day 2017 by letting you know that Feedbands is one of the best ways to find new independent music, hand pressed on colored vinyl and mailed straight to your door. Select releases can be found at independent record stores for #RSD17 as well!

In 2014, Feedbands pressed "Light Up Your Lantern" by Lynx and as a thank you to our label, they sent 50 Gypsy Gold colored vinyl pressings to our office. It was like Easter & Christmas all in one. 

So now in 2017, another artist from our roster has been upvoted by subscibers to #1 on the Feedbands site Sea At Last. So in June the bands first full length record Atlas will be pressed featuring a limited edition cover design on colored vinyl. 

We love Feedbands - just wanted to let you know. 

Now get out there and BUY SOME RECORDS!




“China Shop” oozes subdued sensuality that permeates like an ozone smelling mist. The sensual aspect reminds me of Sade, erotic and exotic, but without the Latin beat. Where Sade’s music causes listeners to sway and undulate, “China Shop” is more spectral, supplying an esoteric erotica that surrounds the listener with vague hints of what might be, what could be. In effect, “China Shop” is musical foreplay." - Randy Radic

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