The Melt is On!

“Sonic brilliance.” 

- The Huffington Post

“Sonic brilliance.”“Emotional, passionate, sensible, deep…beautifully executed.”
Louder Than War

If you’re into dreamy pop with a touch of electronica, you couldn’t do much better right now than Canadian duo Daemon & Airdrie.”
-Indie Shuffle

“Unmatched atmospheric quality…an already fully realized project that sounds years beyond the group’s genuine timeline.”
-Lords of Dogwood

“A flooring, honest and intensely emotional exploration of the complexities of intimacy.”
-Girl Underground Music

“Masterfully creative duo…a uniquely inspired soundtrack fueled by the very emotions the majority of us run away from.” 
Middle Tennessee Music

“Beautiful and atmospheric…will charm you right from the first notes.”
-Paige Backstage