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The Flying Balalaika Brothers, founded in 1995 by Zhenya Kolykhanov (Rock), first began as an LA street band before establishing its roots in the musically zealous city of Austin, Texas. For nearly 20 years, the feisty group has entranced audiences with their unique blend of Gypsy folk, electric rock n' roll and eye-catching, interactive performances featuring instruments like the behemoth contra-bass balalaika, a triangle shaped stringed instrument from Russia. The Flying Balalaika Brothers have been featured at international music festivals, as well as on television and in feature films. 
Seamlessly moving from slower traditional Russian folk songs to guitar and drum-driven punk rock, the group's high-energy shows feel more like a block party than a performance. The band blends modern-day and traditional sounds to create a futuristic fusion of experimental world music. "Our shows are extremely interactive," says Flying Balalaika Brothers Founder Zhenya Rock. "Our concerts illuminate the passion, excitement and sorrow for which the Gypsy music is famous for. Once audiences old and new experience the music, they begin to lose themselves in it's power and emotion," contra-bassist Aaryn Russell adds. 

Op Op Romale  (2014)    Spotify

Op Op Romale (2014)


PANORAMA  (2015)    Spotify