Mothers Day May 14th Album Release & Show

PORTLAND!!! We're comin' for ya!


LYNX & THE SERVANTS OF SONG, SEA AT LAST & LAPA this SUNDAY (Mothers Day) in celebration of Mothers & "Northlands" album release on GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

Tickets are going real fast so get em now and come celebrate with us.

Record Store Day 2017!! #RSD17 #Today

photo:  vinyl eyezz

We here at GYPSYPOP RECORDS support Record Store Day 2017 by letting you know that Feedbands is one of the best ways to find new independent music, hand pressed on colored vinyl and mailed straight to your door. Select releases can be found at independent record stores for #RSD17 as well!

In 2014, Feedbands pressed "Light Up Your Lantern" by Lynx and as a thank you to our label, they sent 50 Gypsy Gold colored vinyl pressings to our office. It was like Easter & Christmas all in one. 

So now in 2017, another artist from our roster has been upvoted by subscibers to #1 on the Feedbands site Sea At Last. So in June the bands first full length record Atlas will be pressed featuring a limited edition cover design on colored vinyl. 

We love Feedbands - just wanted to let you know. 

Now get out there and BUY SOME RECORDS!

Gypsy Alien - Flying Balalaika Brothers

Lyrics and Music: ZHENYA ROCK

Director / DP / Colorist: COHEN

Special Thanks: 
Balalaika Brothers would like to thank Art Outside, Sea At Last, Sandra Dahdah, Kiersten Valence, Bass Monstar, Roberto Riggio (Atash), Howlin’ Whale

MAD SKILLZ - Kung Fu by a Rock n Roll Band

MAD SKILLZ is the 4th installment of what the band Sea At Last calls 'micro films'.

Follow the epic saga and Pre-Order their next record to get exclusive cuts from the duo known as Sea At Last. 

Kung Fu Series Playlist



Water Song EP is Mekila's second commercial release on GYPSYPOP RECORDS, following his debut release, The Finest Day. The anthemic vitality of the title track, "Water Song" and the layered, mystical vocals on "Either Side of the River", lead the unsuspecting listener to the sweet, driving power of the EP's finale, "Wild Among the Wolves". With its colorful harmonies and a surprisingly multifaceted movement of tone, Water Song EP marks an important and delicious shift in Mekila's career towards further exploration of sonic strangeness.



Fire Mist | Lo-Fi

fire mist lo fi cover art.jpg

for those who understand the moment of creation, these tracks are the essence. recorded on porches, in rooms while traveling, on computers with cheap mics & on headphones - these are the ones that come from nowhere. have fallen in love with the seeds of music & decided to offer the gift of lo-fi rattle & pop. intimate sounds from the center of a songs birth.

special thanks to the artists who I have recorded covers of. thanks for the inspiration.

Y La Bamba

alida st.


after a trip to Portland to record music, listening,  breathing the moist air of the coming autumn, a funny thing happened.

I 'signed' my first artist. this is a big day as I have been an artist my whole life & now to get the opportunity to help another one become her true potential is quite a gift.

I am pleased to say that she is a friend of mine & I love her music. Luz Elena is her name and Y La Bamba is her band / moniker. 

She is the 1st artist on GYPSYPOP RECORDS - a new label.

basically I am happy.

& glad to be an artist in the loop enough to know a good thing & push it up to the front of the line.

rock it.


listen to her music here :

[ listen to Alida St. single! ]