Y La Bamba

Juniper : Y La Bamba

Track: Juniper by Y La Bamba
Label: Tender Loving Empire

Director: Matthew Gamlen
Production Co: Tangible Worldwide
Executive Producer: Merrick
Cinematographer: Cohen
Assistant Director: Hero
Editing: Matthew Gamlen, Cohen
VFX: Tangible Worldwide
Production Designer: Narayani Matson
Art Directors: Tucker Teutcsh, Jessica Klinke
RED Camera Operator: TJ Williams
Gaffer: Phil Anderson
Makeup Design: Margaret Yovan
Hair Stylist: Miss Kristie Gaul
Storyboard Artist: Dan Schaefer
Associate Producers: Tyler Hanson, Alicia Soliz
Production Assistants: Heather Trujillo, Christopher Darrow

Y La Bamba: 
Luzelena Mendoza - guitar, vocals
Ben Meyercord - bass, vocals
Mike Kitson - percussion, vocals
Sean Flinn - guitar
Eric Schrepel - accordion
Paul Cameron - guitar, vocals
Scott Magee - ukelele, clarinet, percussion, vocals

Also Starring: 
Jim the Bamboo Man as The Shaman

Special Thanks: 
Mary Tapogna for the mosaic crosses. marytapogna.com
Andrew Nash and Heather Trujillo for their home and temple.
Scott and Sherry at Pendarvis Farm
East Bank Lofts PDX
Allowe & Zilla Saké


is OUT!

Y La Bamba Show - May 14th - SF

y la bamba alida st .jpg


Y La Bamba - Live at a a new Space/Gallery/Studio in SF SOMA.

Cohen is Opening Up.

If you have not heard her music - go here [ tis beautiful ] :





Doors at 6pm for Gallery/Mixer

Music at 8PM in the Theatre.

Catalyst San Francisco

759 Harrison

San Francisco CA 94103

Details Here :




Y La Bamba

alida st.


after a trip to Portland to record music, listening,  breathing the moist air of the coming autumn, a funny thing happened.

I 'signed' my first artist. this is a big day as I have been an artist my whole life & now to get the opportunity to help another one become her true potential is quite a gift.

I am pleased to say that she is a friend of mine & I love her music. Luz Elena is her name and Y La Bamba is her band / moniker. 

She is the 1st artist on GYPSYPOP RECORDS - a new label.

basically I am happy.

& glad to be an artist in the loop enough to know a good thing & push it up to the front of the line.

rock it.


listen to her music here :



[ listen to Alida St. single! ]