Sweet Ride - Fire Mist (Kittens & Goats????)

New track by Fire Mist ends up being a soundtrack instrumental for a short film “Kittens & Goats”. The artist directed and scored the ultra complex edit of kittens, cats, goats and dogs on the set of a farmhouse in Ojai. DP Tory Elena of the band Sea At Last shot all the footage on a super High Def HD camera, known to some in the industry as an iFone. See the excellence below by pushing the little play button and watch Kittens doing exactly what you may expect from such wild cute creatures!!!

Moonfall - FIRE MIST

Cover Art by Fire Mist

Cover Art by Fire Mist

Moonfall has finally come out to the fans of Fire Mist - remastered and released on GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

The artist is posting stories around the recording process and album artwork IG :

“TRACK 1: Once upon a time I was staying with friends in Seattle and there was this old school 4 track Cassette recording machine they let me use (#Primitive) Initially I recorded a live ‘one take’ of ”Nothing At All”—- when I ran playback through the #headphones It was SUPER Distorted (ie: levels were too #hot) so since I knew nothing about the machine, I rewound the tape and recorded the song again. (#perfect) Now when I played it back through headphones a #funny thing happened. The distorted 1st take actually “Bled through” like it was underwater onto the new take and created this really cool #double #vision where you are hearing both tracks at the same time in parts of the song. Moonfall as a whole has no digital effects - 100% Analog.” - Fire Mist