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Ever wonder where the correct LYRICS are for a GYPSYPOP RECORDS Artist?

After scouring the web to find lyrics for our artists, we noticed that some of the lyric sites had the lyrics incorrect and in some cases super incorrect. Now as a fan of music, you may be curious to know that lyrics are considered property of the band is some loose publishing definition that the internet has diverse ways of understanding and representing. This is less of a theoretic expose and more of a ‘ how do we get the fans of GYPSYPOP artists their lyrics and get em done right.

We made a Lyrics Page!!!

Check it out HERE

The Lyrics page has artist album art above the lyrics, buy links and as it evolves may include tabs to the songs. Sort of a songbook with chords over time. We are at the start and it has a ways to go, yet over this year we look to have all our artist lyrics dialed in and easy to find.

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Rat Music Video World Premiere on has Premiered the music video today for Howlin’ Whale’s RAT off the new EP “Many Lives” dropping June 21st, 2019 (Summer Solstice)

An excerpt from writer Randall Radic: “Whale’s snarling, grimacing voice hits with harsh impact, full of palpable dark resolves and wicked tonal flavors. Her potent rapping flow, fueled by auras of lethal colors and skintight textures, seethes with venomous pushing dynamism, as blistering guitar licks inject charring sonic accents.”


I Wake With The Light - Fire Mist (New Single)



New Single by FIRE MIST

Fire Mist new track out April 4th, 2019 on GYPSYPOP RECORDS

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