Destination - The Phoenix Rose

Fronted by composer & singer Jarvis Smith, The Phoenix Rose is a London based musical tsunami that celebrates the power of music to reach the entire human family with dynamic, uplifting themes & irresistible grooves.

For the band's debut Destination music video, Jarvis and the team at GYPSYPOP RECORDS have elected to let the music do the talking, not relying on any elaborate CGI or over-saturation of senses. Instead, they’ve delivered an artistically compelling performance clip that is primarily black and white, with the only color coming from vibrant scenes of the natural world being cast over Jarvis and his dancing female companion.

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Y La Bamba

alida st.


after a trip to Portland to record music, listening,  breathing the moist air of the coming autumn, a funny thing happened.

I 'signed' my first artist. this is a big day as I have been an artist my whole life & now to get the opportunity to help another one become her true potential is quite a gift.

I am pleased to say that she is a friend of mine & I love her music. Luz Elena is her name and Y La Bamba is her band / moniker. 

She is the 1st artist on GYPSYPOP RECORDS - a new label.

basically I am happy.

& glad to be an artist in the loop enough to know a good thing & push it up to the front of the line.

rock it.


listen to her music here :



[ listen to Alida St. single! ]