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Ever wonder where the correct LYRICS are for a GYPSYPOP RECORDS Artist?

After scouring the web to find lyrics for our artists, we noticed that some of the lyric sites had the lyrics incorrect and in some cases super incorrect. Now as a fan of music, you may be curious to know that lyrics are considered property of the band is some loose publishing definition that the internet has diverse ways of understanding and representing. This is less of a theoretic expose and more of a ‘ how do we get the fans of GYPSYPOP artists their lyrics and get em done right.

We made a Lyrics Page!!!

Check it out HERE

The Lyrics page has artist album art above the lyrics, buy links and as it evolves may include tabs to the songs. Sort of a songbook with chords over time. We are at the start and it has a ways to go, yet over this year we look to have all our artist lyrics dialed in and easy to find.

gypsypop_lyrics_firemist_sea at last lyrics howlin whale lyrics marya stark lyrics flying balalaika brothers lyrics.

Sea At Last Playing Feedbands Dashfest in Austin TX!

Sea At Last_Artist Announcement2_feedbands_dashfest_sxsw_gypsypop_records.jpg

Sea At Last is playing the Feedbands Dashfest happening in Austin, TX this March 15, 16 and 17 at the Cenote coffeehouse on 1010 E Cesar Chavez. The event is completely free and sponsored by Dash. Dash is like bitcoin but made to be used in the real world. You'll be able to get some Dash and spend it on 25 cent beer, 25 cent wine, and 25 cent tacos. You'll also be able to see 25 bands Feedbands has released on vinyl. THEY PLAY at 4:00 - 4:40 PM SATURDAY, MARCH 17th!


MadeWest - Ventura, by the Sea At Last

Exclusive June Release: Atlas on Vinyl

Sea At Last - Atlas has officially topped the charts on

If you like Hand Numbered, Hand Pressed, Limited Edition Vinyl delivered to your door - Feedbands is the only place to get independent music that is upvoted by members. "Mighty Flood" & "Light Up The Night" by Sea At Last hit #1 & #2 spots of all time of the records not pressed - so now Atlas is the Feedbands June release. 



sea at last t shirt feedbands exclusive.jpg

Mothers Day May 14th Album Release & Show

PORTLAND!!! We're comin' for ya!


LYNX & THE SERVANTS OF SONG, SEA AT LAST & LAPA this SUNDAY (Mothers Day) in celebration of Mothers & "Northlands" album release on GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

Tickets are going real fast so get em now and come celebrate with us.