Sleep Inside Thunder: Music Video by Sea At Last

2 music videos in 2 days? 

The band Sea At Last directed, shot and produced "Mighty Flood" (released in July), and now "Sleep Inside Thunder"

This is what they had to say about the process: 

"Giving ourselves the challenge to shoot 2 music videos in 2 days, we loaded up our camera gear, instruments, some snacks, a thermos of coffee and took off into the mountains to see what inspiration we could find. The sun was hot, the dirt was dry, a light breeze whispering in our hair as our spontaneity and laughter bounced off the canyon walls. Who knew rocking out in the middle of nowhere would feel so good!
So here we offer “Sleep Inside Thunder” the second of the two DIY videos."

Tory Elena & Cohen

Pssst. Haven’t seen the first video for “Mighty Flood”? Check it out HERE:


Directed by Sea At Last

Tory Elena : Drums, Vocals
Cohen : Guitar, Vocals