Moonfall - FIRE MIST

Cover Art by Fire Mist

Cover Art by Fire Mist

Moonfall has finally come out to the fans of Fire Mist - remastered and released on GYPSYPOP RECORDS.

The artist is posting stories around the recording process and album artwork IG : https://www.instagram.com/iamfiremist/

“TRACK 1: Once upon a time I was staying with friends in Seattle and there was this old school 4 track Cassette recording machine they let me use (#Primitive) Initially I recorded a live ‘one take’ of ”Nothing At All”—- when I ran playback through the #headphones It was SUPER Distorted (ie: levels were too #hot) so since I knew nothing about the machine, I rewound the tape and recorded the song again. (#perfect) Now when I played it back through headphones a #funny thing happened. The distorted 1st take actually “Bled through” like it was underwater onto the new take and created this really cool #double #vision where you are hearing both tracks at the same time in parts of the song. Moonfall as a whole has no digital effects - 100% Analog.” - Fire Mist